A life of wellbeing and positive recreation are central to the creation of Erbil Hills. We believe that the competitive spirit and leisurely pace embodied by golf create the perfect opportunity to live better. This is why Erbil Golf Club was designed to the highest standard by an internationally recognised, award-winning landscape and golf course design firm; creating a club suitable for both local and international events.

Surrounded by its impressive residential architecture and an emerald green landscape
nurtured by Erbil’s climate, a computer-controlled irrigation system, high tech maintenance machine park
and expertly trained support team will keep the Erbil Golf Club green through the year.

Given recent worldwide events and restrictions to sporting and exercise regimes,
the experience open to young and old golfers is a desirable one. Open air, exercise and
plenty of space between players make golf an appealing choice.

Golf also offers a host of mental and physical benefits including improved muscular strength, power,
endurance, balance, flexibility and walking performance all in an enjoyable practice. In fact, it has been found that
a round of Golf provides equivalent or greater benefits than a gym workout or yoga session. Furthermore, finding more and more appreciation in a younger audience, Golf allows different generations to band together in a wholesome way.

Erbil Golf Club is designed for beginner and professional golfers alike,
who will thrill in the feel of a golf course meticulously built to integrate with the natural landscape.

A golf academy for new golfers with a driving range area which can simultaneously accommodate
25 golfers and a practice green area will provide plenty of opportunity to up
your game for beginner, intermediate and expert.

Caucasian golfer hitting ball on golf course
Two men putting on a beautiful green next to a pond on a sunny afternoon.